Zee the Cook, an Exclusive Interview with Practical Muslim

When Zee Shami was a teenager, she had a dream that she’d do something important and it would happen when she turned 30. Just weeks before her 31st birthday, she started losing hope that this “something” might happen. But when you have a dream and you strive to bring it to life, Allah will help you realize the vision. Zee’s vision started in her kitchen cooking food for family and friends and later, for children she wanted to help. Soon, she was working with local businesses to lead corporate team-building events out of a new building where she does what she loves most, cooking and sharing her vision with others.

Listen to our interview (click here)¬†with Zee Shami, Owner and CEO of Zee the Cook Culinary Studio in Deaborn Heights, Michigan, to learn how Zee’s vision became reality and how she is changing lives one dish at a time, and changing how people work and interact with Muslims.

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