Sweet Talk: an Emotional Health Solution

The things we miss when we only focus on material gain over healthy emotional connection fostered through deep listening and face to face time is insurmountable. Compassion is lost never mind self-compassion. We were created with purpose, love and mercy. Self-loathing and suicide are sadly much too common these days. For all of the latest spiritual practices, none of us is closer to feeling or being whole. We are wholly closer to being islands of misery. Our households are in borderline domestic violence crisis and in some cases full blown devastation. The mosques are emptier and the khutbahs rarely address the heart of the issues. Our communities are holding fast to the dogma that is more culture than deen. That’s why Sweet Talk is so important.

Sweet Talk is a language of self-compassion that is also a universal language of love. It is a gift from Allah to humanity. Over the past 16 years, as I practiced and researched the best self-nurturing practices surrounding stress management, nutrition and exercise, I have come to know it intimately. My story starts with seeking healing from postpartum depression on my own. I had first gone the medical route only to be given a prescription for an antidepressant. Another example of the things we lose when we disallow human beings to be human. Those closest to me couldn’t see me or encouraged me to pray more. My spiritual practice was deeply in tact. This is how I realized that my emotional turmoil while a test from Allah was also a different part of me from my spiritual self. My research confirmed that we are comprised of physical, spiritual, emotional and mental parts which all require nurturing. Yes, they feed the other but are developed differently.

Our own inner chatter is so loud sometimes competing with the messages of our mothers, fathers, extended family, society, the community, and expectations of our children and our spouses. As human beings we require stillness sometimes. That is why the Prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, himself would go in solitude for days in nature. Here he allowed creative and sensory rest to happen. That is a perfect example of self-nurturing. What if we implemented that practice to heal ourselves and worked towards wholeness. When we are whole, we know our own voice, know our true purpose and can walk in heart-centeredness with self-love. Self-nurturing is a form of being a role model for our families and not being selfish. After all it is not about spa days, it is about exuding gratitude for every precious second of our lives. It is about following the example of the Prophet may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. As my focus is more towards women, let us recognize the value of being a mother during pregnancy and healing postpartum, nutrition for breastfeeding and monthly periods and regular emotional management, time management, potty training, raising emotionally and intellectually aware individuals all while maintaining a marriage requires Sweet Talk.

Quality Time for everyone

The gift of living is true quality time if we allow. However, why not actually schedule time each day for a few minutes and a few hours once per week just to do something that makes your heart sing. It could be something old, that you loved in childhood or something new that you recently discovered. Living a spiritually elevating life while denying the physical, mental, and emotional part of ourselves the gift of nurturing, forgiveness and compassion is the definition of cognitive dissidence. That means practicing and intuitively knowing differently than you are living. Only when you are still can wisdom emerge your spiritual practice be more meaningful, your self-compassion and self-forgiveness radiate out within our homes, families, communities, and society at large. Quality Time for everyone individually results in Sweet Talk as an emotional health solution. The definition is the self-talk that emerges from your heart when you value the power of your existence over that of others opinions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with yourself and those closest to you. The answers to your emotional turmoil are closer than you think. The only opinion that matters is that of our Creator. We were created for a purpose and when you don’t know or value that purpose we feel lost, angry and question our existence. We project the ugliness of our hearts. When we schedule quality time and reconnect with ourselves and allow creative and sensory rest to happen, Sweet Talk will emerge. That is when you can have a Body Soul Shift.

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