It’s All About Your Vibration

“Such are those who buy the life of the world at the price of the Hereafter.”

— Al-Baqarah [2: 86] ♡

As Muslims, we know that moderation in everything is best. Human  beings, however, have a tendency to indulge in not just the good but the bad as well. That plays out in damaging our bodies, relationships and resources. Yet we continue to do it. Why? It is a way to numb in reaction to something missing in our lives.

Recently, I have had a bout of overwhelm and depression. Yes, that happens to transformational life coaches too because we are after all human. In my effort to heal myself, I have deepened my study of emotions, physical fitness practices and spiritual fitness practices. Vibration has been the key to my healing. We have an opportunity to use it everyday when we pray. When we recite Quran correctly, it heals us on a cellular level. You see, scientifically we are containers of vibrating molecules which attach to our neurons and control our emotions. The vibrations we respond to can be external and internal. For example, it someone passes  by you in an angry rush, we feel their ‘vibration’ and may react negatively; or, we may see someone smiling and we return the smile. Similarly, when we hear beautiful recitation our bodies have a response. The same is try when we recite in our prayers. This is also call khushoo.

We do have a choice.

How often do we actually take the time to recite correctly and feel the positive vibration of our recitation and awaken our sleeping heart? How often to we choose to smile or make dua for the rushed person?  Have you ever been in a khutbah and heard the first few words and tuned out or watched the clock? Even if it is the same talk, you are ever evolving and will hear it differently possibly learning something new. But instead we react in boredom keeping ourselves in low vibration.

I propose we embrace taqwa, knowing that we are abundant because Allah is. The ability to recite Quran is a blessing. It is a regular opportunity to go deeper within to know that to hear the clear voice of your blessing. To reconnect with your soul and body and disconnect from habits which are slowly killing you. The only right voice to hear is the resulting positive vibration…Sweet Talk. When we reconnect with ourselves and welcome the abundance of Allah, our self talk changes to value the blessings of our existence. Now waking compassion for ourselves, we can radiate that out to others feeling the vibration of goodness and peace. It moves out the negativity so that we proactively emanate more abundance.

In that space, we will have inner peace healing ourselves. Then person by person, family by family we can affect our communities and heal them. So let’s see the mirror of ourselves in other’s eyes. When we do this, we can create new patterns and behaviors that allow ongoing growth and change.

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