Busting Five Common Parenting Myths

Gulmakai Saleh explores different parenting styles in her captivating interview with Jennifer Melek Ozgur.  How can we bust the common parenting myths most parents hold to better understand how they can affect the future of a child? Ozgur shares how writing stories can be a way of therapy for children especially if they have been a victim of hate, bullying, or if they come from a non-traditional and discusses the lasting psychological impacts on a child these myths can have on the child’s academics.

You can listen to the interview here: “Busting Five Common Parenting Myths
Jennifer Melek Ozgur has been teaching middle and high school English and reading in the public school system outside Philadelphia, PA for the past eighteen years.  She is a columnist for her town’s several publications, and has been the featured author/poet/speaker for international poetry conferences and run various professional development courses in topics such as diversity, mindfulness, and equity.  Mrs. Ozgur runs adult learning to inspire people to heal trauma through the written word.  She’s collaborated in creating women’s gatherings and healing collectives, and she develops an innovative curriculum for a California-based motivational nonprofit that benefits underserved youth. Her children’s book, “One Million Kisses: The Promise of 153” engages families and is an entry point to her parenting series, “The Four Verbs of L.O.V.E.”
 To learn more about Jennifer’s work and her parenting, professional development, and educational programming, contact her directly at:

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