Breaking the Cycle of Hate by Traveling the World

Glory Ali will help us break the cycle of hate by traveling the world! She will open our eyes to the world and its beauty. She explains how traveling helps us learn about diversity and being inclusive. Every moment traveling presents a teaching experience for children and adults and an opportunity to interact with different people and their environments which helps to shape positive thinking and habits in our children.

Children have to be taught to live and respect people who are different from them so that the world would be a peaceful place to live and that can happen by traveling. By teaching our children about diversity and being inclusive, we will be able to kick hate out of the world 😉.

Glory Ali is the founder of Muslim Travel Rocks, which she encourages and motivates Muslims to explore the world. Her goal is to combat Islamophobia through travel. She has been featured on the Huffington Post, Halal Incorp., Khadija Magazine and recently was invited as the first Muslim travel blogger to attend the Going on Faith Conference in Ohio

Listen to the interview here:

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